Life hacks are supposed to be effective and they make our lives easier, right? Here are 10 absurd life hack fails that Singaporeans (or any human for that matter) should never attempt. Ever. For the most part, they're downright dumb.

Read on and remember to make a mental note that these silly (but hilarious) hacks aren't worth your time. Well, except if you need something funny to cheer you up on a dreary day!

Here is's pick of the worst life hacks that people have tried, and failed at.

1. Using A Roll Of Tape As A Cup Holder...In A Moving Vehicle

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Sure, it may work for a while but who knows when the tape's going to give way? I can only imagine how troublesome it'll be to clean up the mess and not let annoying pests breed. There's no point crying over spilt milk, or in this case, coffee.

2. Using A CD To Substitute Your Broken Car Mirror

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I don't suppose a reflective CD makes of a good mirror with all those rainbow rays going on. Now, you don't stare into CDs when you're putting on makeup, do you?

3. Using Your Keyboard As A Clothes Hanger

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Seriously, just get a new hanger. I'm 100% positive it costs way less than a spanking new keyboard.

4. Eating Popcorn Off Your Hoodie

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This just doesn't make the cut no matter how convenient it is for you when you're feeling peckish at your work space. Can you picture how horrifying it will be when you put the hood over your head? Yikes!

5. Wearing Plastic Bottle Flip Flops

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I fully understand that fashion's supposed to be fun and free, but these aren't a good way to make a fashion statement. I don't know about you but this is surely a flop in my opinion. Just get real flip flops already!

6. Sticking A Chair Into A Damaged Couch

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Would you take that seat in that corner of the sofa? I don't reckon it'll be comfortable to lounge on at all...

7. Grilling Meat On A Trolley

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How amusing! If you're caught by the authorities, you'll first be fined for stealing a trolley. You'll then likely be charged for attempting to destroy someone else's property by grilling some meat on it. The fines that you'll rack up will probably cost more than a traditional grill rack? Do your math!

8. Attempting To Make A Spoon Out Of A Fork With Tape

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Spoons were invented for a reason; they're carefully molded to scoop up contents that ought to be scooped up. Even a spork works better than this DIY spoon-wannabe. Yikes!

9. Hacking Your Wall To Stuff A Fat TV And Pretend It's A Flat Screen TV

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This hilarious "hack" got us laughing and rolling our eyes. I don't know which year you're living in, but flat screen TVs aren't that expensive nor inaccessible. There's absolutely no reason for you to, literally, hack your walls.

10. Sandwich Your Edible Sandwich Between Charging Components To Warm It Up

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No one likes stale, cold bread. I completely understand that, but is this even for real? Well, at least you'll feel toasty eating something warm, with additional toppings (think: dust and bacteria) that may make you ill.

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