Without a doubt, Singaporeans have an undying love for food. Even though foodies in Singapore have plenty of amazing and inexpensive places to go to when they need to satisfy their taste buds and cravings, that intense love for food follows us wherever in the world we may be.

Will you be heading to South America sometime in the future? Here are the three best destinations foodies must visit when they're in South America in addition to stopping by Argentina. After all, South American cuisine is amongst some of the most eclectic and exotic in the world. Here, we at GET.com will show you the 3 best South American destinations for foodies.

3 Best South America Destinations For Foodies Besides Argentina

1. Peru

When in Peru, you can't go without trying ceviche, pisco sour or the plato del dia. Go where the locals go and you'll fill your tummy with delicious Peruvian food without busting your budget at fancy fine dining restaurants. Feeling incredibly gungho? Give fried guinea pigs a shot. Having them barbecued is no object, either. Be sure to check out our Peru travel guide here to find out the myriad of ways you can save on your upcoming Peruvian adventure.

2. Brazil

Are you quite a carnivore at heart? If your answer is yes, then Brazil is perfect for you simply because it's a nation of meat lovers. The Brazilians sure know their way to doing a great job at the classic parrilla or churrascaria, so it's hard for you to eat any poorly cooked meat there, really. Be it pork, chicken, beef, lamb, turkey or sausage, meat fanatics will have a whale of a time in Brazil. If you're feeling exotic, you can experience the Amazon through food at Amazonian-themed restaurants.

Don't forget to work your way through the many street food stalls in Brazil if you want to have a taste of authenticity. Those who like their drinks sweet must try their sugar cane juice, known as caldo de cana. Give cachaça a shot as well when you're in town. São Paulo is the country's top foodie city and you can find many fusion restaurants in Rio de Janeiro, too. Here, you can read our Brazil travel guide to learn how you can save your Brazilian reais without compromising on fun.

3. Ecuador

Want to try super traditional South American cuisine? Ecuadorian cuisine is the way to go. Prepared the age-old simple way, you will get to sample an assortment of Ecuadorian staples ranging from yuca, plantains, beans, rice and fresh fish.

If you will be touring Quito, the true highlight there is fresh fruit - you need to try guanabana for a magical taste explosion in your mouth for this unique prickly green fruit is said to taste like a medley of coconut, pineapple and strawberry.

Frankly speaking, Ecuadorian food is very underrated despite it being so diverse to begin with; foodies get to try a multitude of local delicacies no matter whether they're in the Amazon, Sierra or Pacific Coast region. Learn more about Ecuador in our Ecuador travel guide here.