More and more people in Singapore are using credit cards to pay for things, instead of debit cards or cash. Contrary to what some may think, credit cards can actually help you save a lot of money if you have the discipline to pay off all your balance each month and use them simply as a tool of making payments, rather than a credit line.

To help you get more for your money, we at will share with you 5 money saving hacks using credit cards in Singapore.

Here are 5 hacks that will help you earn the most money back:

1. Your Choice Of Credit Card May Depend On Which Bank You Place Your Savings In

For instance, OCBC customers may want to charge their spending to an OCBC credit card to meet the minimum spend required to earn bonus interest on savings in their OCBC 360 account.

It's the same story for DBS and POSB customers who have savings in a DBS Multiplier account.

2. What Do You Spend Most On?

Are you always buying groceries for your household, or do you spend a lot on clothes and shoes?

Knowing which items you spend the most on each month will be the key to getting the best credit card for your lifestyle, as some rewards credit cards or cashback credit cards give you more rewards or cashback on certain categories of spending.

Based on in-depth research done by the team, we have shortlisted the following for your easy reference:

- best credit cards for groceries

- best credit cards for dining

- best credit cards for shopping

- best credit cards for petrol

- best credit cards for travel

3. Don't Miss Out On Shopping And Dining Deals

Use a clever app like the GETdeals™ app which automatically shows you all the shopping, dining and petrol discounts and privileges you can get with your credit card!

Named by 8 Days magazine as 'App of the Week' in the 17 Sep 2016 issue, this location-based app shows you the deals nearest to your location. You can also filter by banks and category (e.g. entertainment, dining, shopping, petrol, etc). You can even search for deals by merchant name or location.

You can actually save a lot of money with promotions and deals just by using your credit card at certain stores and restaurants.

4. Use The Right Card For The Right Purchase

Citibank credit cards give you 10% cash back when you buy something from Starbucks, whereas UOB credit cards give you 10% cash back at Coffee Bean.

This is a great example of how certain credit cards give you discounts at certain places. So make sure to whip out the right card at the right place.

5. Plan Ahead For Big Ticket Expenses

Always check with the merchant if you can split or stagger your bill across multiple credit cards.

Many couples already do this to reduce the cost of their wedding banquet, and you can also try this when buying furniture, appliances, electronics and luxury goods. Of course the answer may be no - but hey, asking is free.

How Many Cards Should You Have?

The cards you have in your wallet from years ago may no longer have competitive benefits compared to newer cards in the market as banks fight for bigger market share.

Also, if you have a Visa card, it might be good to get a MasterCard as well so that you can maximise the rewards of each type of card.

And not to forget there are also American Express cards that are known to offer higher-end dining privileges and exceptional travel perks.

Whether you have one or a few cards, we strongly recommend you set up automatic GIRO deduction so that you don't miss any payments.

On top of that, if you want to maximise your rebates and rewards, you need to make sure that you meet the minimum spending requirement (if any). At the end of the day, your credit card should complement your lifestyle and spending habit. Use a credit card site like to compare and apply online for your ideal card today.

Remember, irresponsible and reckless spending, regardless of what mode of payment you use, can land you in debt.