Singapore imports most of its food and is a price taker in the global market. So rising food costs are a perennial concern for every Singaporean.

At the same time, we need to eat well. The cheapest options – especially processed food – usually come with a hidden price tag that manifests in your healthcare bill down the road.
So how do we balance the cost and quality? shows you 7 tips to save money and still eat well:

In This Save Money And Eat Well Guide

Grow Your Own Food

Make Your Own Breakfast

Shop With Your Parents
Shop Less
Consider Cheaper Brands
Drink Water
Find Ways To Recycle Your Leftovers

  1. 1. Grow Your Own Food

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    Inspired when you hear stories of people growing watermelons and grapes from their HDB flat? Try converting your corridor ledge or spare balcony space into your own mini-garden. If you're not sure what to start planting, there are tips and resources available on the internet from local interest groups and NParks.

  2. 2. Make Your Own Breakfast

    Fortunate are those who have dedicated family members who wake up early so that you can start the day with a full and happy stomach. For working adults, healthy and affordable breakfast options in the CBD area are sadly limited.

    If you've been buying kaya toast or fried beehoon every morning, it's time to explore some alternatives! For example, pre-mix your own cereal with your favourite combination of whole grains, fruits and nuts – save money by buying in bulk and avoid sweetened cereals. For a really early start, prepare your breakfast the night before with a recipe for overnight oats.

  3. 3. Shop With Your Parents

    Take your parents out for some quality time, and get your grocery shopping done while you're out and about. NTUC offers a 3% discount for pioneer generation citizens every Monday, and a 2% discount for senior citizens every Tuesday. Giant offers a 3% discount for senior citizens every Tuesday.

  4. 4. Shop Less

    Shop less, spend less. Supermarkets would love to be your food wonderland, an amazing place where you discover all sorts of food you didn't know you needed. If you're finding it hard to resist temptation, do your grocery shopping less frequently, say once or twice a month.

    Plan your meals so you know exactly what you need, so you can make a grocery list and stick to it. Or shop with your parents (see above) and let them question your spending decisions.

  5. 5. Consider Cheaper Brands

    Maybe they taste better, maybe they don't. You'll never know unless you give it a try. In any case, unless you're the fussiest eater in Singapore, there are bound to be some things you don't mind cutting back on.

  6. 6. Drink Water

    Soft drinks, flavoured milk tea and all that jazz are a complete waste of your money. Choose water, because that's all your body really needs. And plus, you don't have to buy it because tap water in Singapore is perfectly fine to drink.

  7. 7. Find Ways To Recycle Your Leftovers

    Don't throw away your leftovers just yet! Start collecting leftover recipes to make old things taste brand new again. When in doubt, fall back on the tried and tested way – have fried rice the next day. Pack your leftovers to work the next day to save the cost of eating out as well.