Do you sometimes wish you had more than 24-hours a day?

Between working, sleeping and commuting, we've got very little of the day left to ourselves - not to mention whether we still have the energy to do something productive other than sitting in front of the couch.

However, technology has certainly made things a lot easier, besides keeping us entertained/distracted, there are also many ways it helps you save your precious time.

While there's little you can do about your working hours and sleeping hours, you can make use of your commuting time more efficiently.

We at bring you 6 ways to take advantage of your daily commute:

  1. 1. Catch Up On News

    There's nothing better than keeping yourself up-to-date by starting your day reading up on the big events of the day.

    Keeping yourself informed keeps your brain sharp and it makes for great conversation starters at work.

  2. 2. Set Up Your To-Do Lists

    Having a daily to-do list of 3 tasks not only helps you to get organised, but also makes achieving goals easier and it keeps you motivated.

    You can simply make use of your daily commute to work to prepare your day's to-do list, write it down on your mobile notes and voila! By the time you get to work you already have a clear idea of what needs to be done.

  3. 3. Order Your Meals Online

    Do you hate lunch and after-work queues to buy your food? You can avoid this simply by ordering your food online.

    We are not talking about food delivery services which can get pricey on a daily basis, but ways in which you get to "cut queue".

    Make use of apps such as CutQ where you can order your food with the listed merchants, pay for your order and pick it up at the location nearest to you.

  4. 4. Manage Your Money On The Go

    With banks coming up with their own mobile apps, it can't get any easier for you to manage your money while you are waiting in queue. Simply download your bank's mobile app and pay your bills online, easily!

  5. 5. Save Time On Grocery Shopping

    Don't you hate having to do your grocery shopping after work with the snaking queues at the cashier? Solve the problem by ordering your groceries or even fresh produce online!

    Smart retailers like Redmart and Tangy Tangerines offer groceries and fresh produce delivery to your house – you can even choose the time that's most convenient for you!

    Prices are very competitive compared to buying at your brick-and-mortar stores, and delivery is free with a minimum order of $30 for new customers. For existing customers there is free delivery for orders over $49 (Redmart) and $80 (Tangy Tangerines).

  6. 6. Upgrade Yourself

    Are you trying to learn a new language? Pick up excel skills? Instead of spending more of your free time to upgrade yourself, why not do this while you commute?

    There are many video lessons available on Youtube which you can access through your smart phone while commuting. This way, by the time you are home after work you can just relax and chill.

    You'll be surprised how those 30 minutes of learning a day can help you progress after a month or two!